Premium CBD Oils

There are 6 million UK CBD users according to the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis – July 2019

The use of CBD is growing at a tremendous rate, and is safe, legal and easy to use. With numerous manufacturers and brands around, we at Chelsea Green Pharmacy have decided to focus on sourcing and stocking only the finest premium liquids, produced via high quality processes. 

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is one of many cannabinoids. Research has continuously shown that CBD does not get you ‘high’ (such as the cannabinoid THC found in marijuana) and is proven safe for human use. CBD is in fact very similar to chemicals already produced within our bodies. 

Available products range from oral drops, sprays, capsules for oral use and gels/balms for topical use. 

For further information, you can read the complete Centre for Medicinal Cannabis report and the statement of intent for each aspect of the industry here

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